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November 2011

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    Is it safe to travel to manila, philippines by yourself as a girl? Is the city worth a visit?

    not advicable to travel by yourself, especially for a girl. but definetely worth the visit. people are very hospitable. i would also recommend you to go to provinces where you can see more of the beauty of the philippine paradise that cannot be found anywhere else in the world some of it are tagaytay, batangas, ilocos that can be travelled through land while boracay, palawan, bohol, cagayan de oro, albay, can be travelled through plane about 9 years ago

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    Is Philippines a great country?

    a definite yes. i have been here and around the world and nothing compares to the beauty of the philippine islands and the hospitality of the filipino people come visit the philippines and experience it yourself about 9 years ago

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    Would like suggestions for nice beach and accommodation with local character in the Philippines. We are in our early seventies.

    you can go boracay for a very affordable place to stay you can go to station 2 when you arrive and look for a place to stay you can go there off peak season so prices are almost cut in half you csn do haggling too in terms of accomodations. other great beaches appropriate for your age is el nido, bellaroca, bohol beaches, subic, batangas about 9 years ago