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October 2011

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    What is the best place to get Kebap in Istanbul?

    Hey there, There's a lot of Kebap Restaurants in Istanbul Personally. i Love Gunaydin Kebap,kebaps are very delicious. Stuff is so kind, place is very clean Also you can ask Kosebasi Kebap, Tike or Yuzevler kebap You should Ask for as a starter Gavurdagi salad ( tomato& herbs salad) , Mini Lahmacun ( turkish minced meat pizzas) these stuff is very delicious Bon apeti! over 8 years ago

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    Any one knows this hotel(rental house istanbul bakirkoy) is it a clean?is it a close to atakoy street?Is it a close to resturant,everything?

    Actually I am not this is a hotel. You must check once again. Bakirkoy is a very big suburb of Istanbul. You can find very nice restaurants . It,s also very close to the seaside that why there,s a very big marina in there and you can find nice restaurants, shopping mall etc Atakoy is not a street Its another district. They named by numbers so you should give us detailed info bout which Atakoy you mean? There are 9 different neighborhoods under the Name Atakoy. From Bakirkoy by car its like 10 to 15 minutes. over 8 years ago