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    I'm going on a medical mission trip, I know to dress conservative but with it being so hot not exactly sure, looking for advice or any tips?

    It's right in the thick of a hot, wet summer in Cambodia and you should definitely consider wearing cool clothing to combat the heat. As far as conservative dress is concerned - it's not as strict as you might think. Locals tend to dress very conservatively, especially women - but if you wear reasonably modest attire you wont have any real trouble. T-shirts, cropped pants or decent lenth shorts are perfectly acceptable. If you wear attire that isn't too short or revealing you will be fine - the only time you should really ramp up the modesty is when visiting a temple, shrine or holy site. Thanks, Jesse - World Nomads over 9 years ago

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    Where is a good kite shop in Sydney?

    From experience, KitePower in San Souci is probably the best in Sydney. They have a great range - everything from kitesurfing kits through to simple family kites. They also will match any competitors price... Thanks, Jesse - World Nomads over 9 years ago

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    Any thoughts on if the issues seen in Tunisia and Egypt are likely to spread to Morocco ?

    Hello, Jesse here from the World Nomads Safety Hub. Your question reminded me of something I heard earlier today. A week before the Egyptian protests, some political "experts" were saying that Mubarak's regime was "stable". A huge slice of humble pie is now being eaten, with the hundreds of thousands of protesters now screaming for Mubarak's ousting. Morocco? It is hard to say. The twitterverse is now erupting with speculation that protests in Morocco will occur March 13 2011. (Do a twitter search for #March13 and see the results) But these speculations are grouped with numerous dates and locations for other protests in other nations. There are concerns that these protests will spread to other locations such as Yemen, Jordan, Sudan and others - but in regard to Morocco, it is generally accepted that the political situation is not as dire. There is massive interest in the protests from Moroccans, especially the younger and more technically connected sector - but there does not seem to be a wave of hatred for Morocco's King Muhammad VI like there is for Hosni Mubarak. Moroccan Facebook and Twitter posts supporting the Egyptian protests in many cases also include reverence to the king. However, there is noticeable dissent and dissatisfaction with the corruption and rot within the Moroccan political system. Not to mention dissatisfaction with poverty, and lack of public services including education. This dissatisfaction could potentially see protests - but on the same level as the ones we have seen in Egypt? Highly unlikely. But not totally impossible. Morocco shares many things with Egypt - but the level of dissatisfaction, as we have seen in recent days, is at a feverish level in Egypt. It is at a moderate level in Morocco. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have as their travel alert to enter Morocco with a "high degree of caution" - But this alert mainly relates to terror related activity and kidnappings in the major cities. The alert mentions to avoid protests as they "may turn violent". So in short? Well, any major protests are being planned for the middle of march, at the very worst. But be careful. almost 10 years ago