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About me:

I graduated from university and immediately booked myself a one way ticket to Poland. I have no firm idea of what I'm doing there, but I know it'll be interesting.

While I'm on the road I'll be updating here: krakoworbust.wordpress.com

Also, I've been a member of CouchSurfing for a few years


October 2011

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    I am planning to move to Boston, USA next year for my graduate studies. How is the city life? Is it an expensive place to stay in?

    Boston can be expensive, especially if you plan on living near the center or right next to your university. Check out some of the neighborhoods around the outside of the center like Jamaica plain or Brookline. I'd agree with Ryan to not move to south or east Boston when you are first arriving. They are much less expensive, but more out of the way and a bit more dangerous for a first time. Dont rule out places on the cambridge side of the river, like sommerville. Also Boston is becoming more and more bike friendly over the past few years, so try to take advantage of that to cut some costs over 9 years ago

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    Living in Boston

    Boston has an enormous college scene and there's always something going on. Main tip for wandering the city, keep an eye on the citgo sign. If you ever get lost in Boston, it will guide you back to the BU area. over 9 years ago

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    What is the weather in Prague like?

    I lived there from January to may a few years ago. It was pretty mild then. There was never extreme conditions. Snow was usually only light and pretty and rain mostly just spit down at you rather than poured. In other words bring a coat, but it doesn't have to be a parka over 9 years ago