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From Georgia but currently reside in Yellowstone National Park.


October 2011

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    Yellowstone, Rushmore, and Utah

    If you're visiting yellowstone during the winter, only a couple lodges are open- the Old Faithful Snow Lodge and Mammoth Hotel. You can also stay in West Yellowstone, which is the west entrance of the park. The park is not open to car travel in the winter ( they have over-snow coaches for tours) except near the north entrance, so unless it's significantly cheaper to rent an RV versus hotel rooms, I'd just go with hotels. As for what to see in the park, old faithful geyser, along with the other geysers near it, is a must see. Mammoth hot springs is cool too. The best thing to do is to see as much of the park as you can. The best chance you have of seeing animals is driving along the road. The road cuts through meadows that the animals graze in! Near Mt. Rushmore I'd stay in Rapid city, SD. Its only 30 miles away and is a large city for the area. Though I've never been to it, it does have a INDOOR water-park! The websites pictures and prices are great. Near about an hour or so from Mt.Rushmore is Badlands National Park, a must see! It has a loop road so you can drive through the park in less than an hour and see a very cool landscape! I worked in Yellowstone this past summer season, so if you have any more questions feel free to ask! I hope this was helpful! about 9 years ago

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    Good place to stay in the tetons

    Inside the park, I only know of a couple lodges- Flagg Ranch near the north entrance and Jackson Lake lodge, on Jackson Lake. The latter has the more spectacular view, sitting right across the water from the base of the mountains. Both lodges are an hour and a half or less from Jackson hole, Wyoming. It's a big ski resort town but it also has nice hotels, restaurants and shops. Very quaint. about 9 years ago

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    What are some not to be missed attractions in Rapid City, South Dakota?

    Thanks! Are there any local restaurants that I should try while I'm there? It's just me and another girl and we're both in our twenties so any bar suggestions are good too. over 9 years ago