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Vladimir Ivanov

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September 2011

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    Where would be a good & safe shopping street (high street fashion) with good selection of patisseries/ boulangeries for a single shopper?

    Hi! GL is a good place to go, but it's not close to the attractions you want to see. I would recommend you to go to rue Saint - Honore that is in parallel to Rue de Rivoli. There are all grand marks, trendy Colette store, gallery de Valua (quite remarkable place itself) with MarkJacobs boutique and many others. And if you not satisfied you will be able to go to Vendome square (the most luxury part of Paris with old Ritz hotel in which you can visit its own shopping gallery inside) from which you can reach GL like in 15 minutes by foot. BUT for my taste shopping in Paris is quite expensive because of taxation. I would recommend to buy only french brands becuase Italian and American are quite pricey even if you compare with London (that's been always more expensive because of pound). And tax free starts from 175euro per purchase only. Good luck over 8 years ago

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    What is the best way to get to Nice from Milan?

    Take a plane, there is a big airport in Nice over 8 years ago

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    The 10 Best non tourist things to do when in Paris

    Have a cup of coffee at Hyatt Vendome. You can meet a big start there or at leats enjoy the best macarons in town. Even better than Ladure does over 8 years ago