Monica Rix Paxson, THE JOY OF MEXICO

Monica Rix Paxson, THE JOY OF MEXICO

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September 2011

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    What is the best place to visit in Mexico.

    I think this question is impossible to answer! Mexico is a vast country offering so many different kinds of climates, natural wonders and cultural features. There simply is no single "best" place. Life in Mexico can be good nearly anywhere that suits you. Some people love the beach, some the desert, some the tropics, some the mountains. It's all here. Naturally each person will think their choice was the right choice, because it was the right choice—for them. Furthermore, most of us enjoy traveling within Mexico. I love the year-round spring weather of the mountains for day-to-day living, but those weekends on the beach are great too. And the smell of the air in the Yucatan? Who would want to miss that? But if you enjoy something else, you'll fined it here, too. Unless you prefer snow and slush that is. It is so interesting, I publish THE JOY OF MEXICO to help you decide: over 8 years ago