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Experienced travel agent specializing in Disney, cruises and the Caribbean. Local to Puerto Rico and traveling the world whenever I can.


September 2011

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    What are your tips regarding child safety in theme parks?

    I have 5 kids ages 3-10 and go to WDW yearly. This is what I do to remain sane: Teach them what to do if they get lost. (remain exactly where they are and count to 100, if they get to 100 and we still haven't found them find the closest cast member and tell them they are lost, do not talk to anybody else about being lost) Assure them they will not be in trouble if they get lost and follow those simple steps. We also made laminated cards with our cellphone numbers that we attach to their belt loops like luggage tags and they know to show them to the cast member if lost. That said they only few times that we have been separated we always reunited before they reached 100 while frozen in place. about 8 years ago

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    Has anyone ever been to Vieques Island near Puerto Rico?

    Wonderful piece of paradise, been there numerous times and is well worth the trip. about 8 years ago

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    Activities in Puerto Rico

    The Camuy cave system is a must if you have time. Very unique experience! about 8 years ago