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September 2011

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    Can anyone recommend a good place to stay--as well as things to go see and do--on a weekend in Dallas?

    Deep Ellum is a part of Dallas that is notorious for music of all varieties. Everything from Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, etc. Since you'll be in Dallas I would strongly suggest you try Tex-Mex. There's a place in Deep Ellum called Monica's Aca Y Alla. Everyone in Dallas knows it and eats there though I don't think many outsiders know of it... Kind of a local gem. If you're not in the mood for Tex-Mex there's also Twisted Root Burger Co which is three chefs who were classically trained and decided to open a burger joint with a twist. They've been featured in diners, drive-ins and dives and rated one of the best burger joints in America. As far as JFK if you can't make it to the Sixth Floor Museum you can still go to the place where he was shot. They have placed x's on the street which represent where he was on the street when he was shot. There is a memorial outside near by in his honor as well. There are a ton of cool shops, restaurants, bars etc in Deep Ellum so to be honest if you don't have too much time and since Dallas is so large I would focus my time in one area because traveling throughout the city is a lot more time consuming then you think!! Traffic can be pretty brutal on top of the size of the area. almost 9 years ago

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    What is the cheapest way to go from airport JFK to Manhatan center?

    Take the train/subway. When you leave the airport you will take the airlink which is a tram that takes you to the subway. Get out and follow signs to the E train to Manhattan. Pretty simple and if you do get confused someone will be happy to help... We new Yorkers arent as mean as everyone makes us out to be :) Oh one more thing don't say 'manhattan center' especially to a cab driver or you'll get ripped off!!! You just say Manhattan and the address with cross streets... For example if your hotel is 112 Madison Ave look it up on google maps and find the cross streets so you can say 'Madison & 30th St' or if it's in between two blocks you'd say Madison between 29th and 30th street. Lastly we call the subway the train... So if someone says take the train they are talking about the subway. You can buy a weekly subway pass or pay per ride from the machines. A weekly pass is unlimited rides for seven days and costs $29 otherwise the fair is $2.25 per ride... Trust me it adds up fast. I always have my friends by the weekly when they visit even if they're only here for five days because we are out seeing so many things we constantly are getting on and off the trains. Taxis can be quite expensive even if you're just going around manhattan. They cost $2.50 plus .50 surcharge just to start. Then it's .40 for every 1/5 of a mile... Hand the kicker is if you're not going over 12 miles an hour the charge is .40 for every 60 seconds. Needless to say you're better off on the trains. Google maps gives subway directions on your phone and computer but obviously requires internet. Since there's no internet or cell service on the train so I'd suggest you download iTrans (if you have an iPhone). It can give you directions without needing Internet which will be crucial if you're lost underground. It is $3.99 but trust me it's worth it! Even being a New Yorker sometimes I go to an area I don't visit regularly and double check with this app. If you don't have an iPhone I know there are other apps out there for droids etc so just do a little research. If all else fails ask a local we don't bite :) hope this helps and sorry for the novel lol almost 9 years ago

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    Z New York Hotel, Queens.

    This hotel is actually very beautiful. A couple of my friends stayed here while visiting me and it was wonderful. The nice thing is that even though it's technically in queens it's in Long Island City which is almost an extension of manhattan. A lot of young, artistic, creative types live in the neighborhood and it's only one stop on the subway into manhattan!! Takes about 10 min from the hotel to grand central in the city!!! Good luck!! almost 9 years ago