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    How to get with public transportation from NCE airport to Sophia-Antipolis at Sunday evening (flight arrives at 9PM?

    Hi John, Unfortunately the bus 230 (Nice-Airport-Sophia) is not running on Week Ends. There is no direct service to Sophia. Here are the options: - Bus or train to Antibes then bus to Sophia ( + - Hotel near the airport on Sunday night then 230 to Sophia in the morning (it starts quite early and takes 45 min if you take it at 7AM) - Rental car if you have a license (might be the cheaper than taxi) - Taxi (70 to 80 EUR One Way) so expensive - Helicopter ;-) that is actually cheaper than a solo taxi if you share a ride Cheers, Luc about 9 years ago

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    What is the best way to get from Monaco to Nice?

    Train, SNCF Less than 10 EUR Around 30 min over 9 years ago

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    Good map of France?

    Michelin maps are usually good in France. You can get one covering all the North East of France with the main roads and highways. over 9 years ago

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    What is the best way to get from Toulouse to Rodez?

    Forget the bus... train is OK (SNCF), you can have 30% discount if you are under 26 or if you are a student somewhere. Car is the best option and hitchhiking works well: Toulouse - Albi: 30 min Albi - Rodez: 1h Just stand in Jolimont that way you can get the maximum of people going to Albi... over 9 years ago