Niña  Costibolo

Niña Costibolo

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    Good SECLUDED not too touristie beach in the Philippines?

    in Hindang,Leyte,we have 4very secluded islands,the quatro islas..They are really very secluded bcause they don't even allow any permanent structures to be built on the islands so you really have 2 bring everything u need,especially tents.. about 8 years ago

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    cheap hotels in sogod/tacloban?

    hotel alejandro is nice and clean but if ur looking for cheap,try royal suites which is on the same is also quite clean and new. about 8 years ago

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    Are there any factory outlets in Philippines ?

    there are a lot in tagaytay about 8 years ago

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    I wnt 2 xperience Vigan backpacking/cowboy-style advnture. I nid tips on wer 2 stay, what 2 do & how to imerse myself w/ the local culture.

    we went there just last week and we visited the white rock which was shaped like a boat and the scenery was breathtaking but its a bit hard to get there because you have to go through 5kms of rocky,uncemented roads to get there. i recommend using a 4wd in going there and use durable footwear in walking towards the rock because you will be stepping on some sharp corals. the windmills wud also be a nice place 2 visit but don't just stop on the lookout point,it's better to go all the way to the beach where the windmills are located so you can really see how big and amazing they are. the haunted lighthouse is also a nice place to visit. when in vigan,cafe leona at the end of calle crisologo is a good and romantic place to eat. their service is fast and the food is yummy(order the bagnet).when it comes to choosing hotels, choose one that is not located near calle crisologo because these old hotels are said to be haunted. about 8 years ago