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August 2011

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    I'm planning to visit Hong Kong in November - other than shopping, what are interesting activities?

    Could go up to Shenzhen, China for a daily excursion. Shopping is cheap there so is food and massages (nit the dodgy ones) over 9 years ago

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    Is it safe in hong kong?

    Extremely safe. Like most places around the world you just have to be vigilant with your personal belongings and don't do anything stupid like walk down a dark alley 3am in the morning. over 9 years ago

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    Are the gadgets cheaper in Malaysia than in China? How much cheaper?

    It really depends on the product. If you a looking for phones then nothing beats HK as there is no tax. China does have cheap phones but you have to know where to look as there are many types of phones available. You have original, water stock (parallel imported) and shanzai (bandit phones - cheap clones). If you are looking at computer parts then it is comparative anywhere in the world. Laptops are similar also so doesn't matter where you buy either. If it is an apple product then you cant go wrong with HK. Cheapest in Asia - also dependent on your local currency :) over 9 years ago