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My first camera was a kodak Brownie. Now we have the fantastic world of digital cameras and post production software. Through photography we can tell stories and share what we see and feel. I couldn't imagine not having photography in my life!


August 2011

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    Is September a good time to go to Bali? Will it be raining there?

    The weather should still be nice but who knows...So many severe changes in weather these days about 8 years ago

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    can you buy reasonable priced wine in Bali?

    Due to a very high import tax foreign wines are very expensive here. You can buy local wines relatively cheap but they may not measure up to your standards in quality. A bottle of Australian wine can cost, dependent on where you buy, $US19-25. The prices only go up from here with other imported wines... Buy a bottle of your favorite juice in duty free to save a few coins.... about 8 years ago