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Anton Antonio

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August 2011

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    I have filipina fiance.she went to indonesia and went back to philippines.what she need to do like visa for second time back to indonesia?

    How to reply the message here?she will just stay with me first for a long time.its everything settle down about the permission to stay here etc that the time maybe we can job because not necessary also to find job because i have work already.actually she dont need to go back after two months even her visa will expire because i can extend here in indonesia.all i hope now is the airport philippines immigration will allow her to leave the country because she will buy tiket for come to indonesia what about they will not allow her?the immigration maybe think that the reason she will go to other country for 2 month is to find job,thats the real reason actually.the truth is she will come here to see me and stay with me and we will get marriage.thank you very much for all the suggestion and messages. about 8 years ago