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August 2011

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    What is the price and how many hours does it take to make the route "Norway in a Nutshell"? I would do the one way version of the trip from Oslo to Bergen, and return by plane. This takes 14 hours. My friends stayed at Flåm, between trips, and they said it was very nice. over 9 years ago

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    Where can I eat in Caracas?

    Uf so man places. If you are a me lover, go to El Maute Grill at las Mercedes. In los palos Grandes Shayara was one of m favorites, a little pricey, and "gourmet", i.e. Small portions. there is a Sushi Bar in "Las cupulas" als in los Pls Grandes that was fantastic. Chiru in las cupulas, offers interesting peruvian chinese fusion. For italian, I love the parmiggiana fettucini at Da Vittorio in El Bosque. Oh man, I miss Caracas... Buen provecho! over 9 years ago

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    Where can I find gluten free food in Pau or France?

    In supermarkets the options are not that many. I tried a few and found no options. Casino has a bio section and it was OK. Not huge but found gluten free crackers, pasta and soy milk. Reataurants in Pau are pretty safe as most of the options are gluten and milk free. I was avoiding bernaise salad thinking that it contained bernaise sauce but it was milk free. The rest typical options are grilled beef, duck or sea food. The seem ok for gluten, not sure about sea food and milk as I didn' t try any. about 9 years ago