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August 2011

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    4 day trip to anywhere in Europe...

    Hilary, thank you for your response. I will definitely be researching your recommendations further. To clarify, I am looking to do a couple cities OR a single city where I can somewhat familiarize myself with the area (I am aware that both cannot be done on a four day trip). AJF, you are obviously just a troll on this website attempting to make it seem as though you are above the people looking for helpful advice (which is the entire purpose of this being created). It's actually sad that you would prefer to use your time to cut people down than to offer useful advice or recommendations. over 8 years ago

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    We're off to Cape Town with kids (in their 30s) and grandkids (five and three year old girls). Any suggestions for activities or dining?

    Take the cable car up Table Mountain. The kids and adults will love the view of the whole city. It is a very kid friendly experience. Abseiling (repelling) is offered from the top too (you repel down and then have a short, 20-30 min hike back up). The Waterfront has lots of great shops and restaurants. If you can make it out to the Cape of Good Hope, it's definitely worth it (There are many bus tours that accommodate the transportation). If any of the adults are up for an early hike, going up Devils Peak is amazing! (not good for small kids though). If you get up early and start on the back of the mountain (there is a parking lot at the Rhodes Memorial, just next the University of Cape Town) you can do the whole thing in about 6 hours. About 3 or 4 hrs up and 2-3 down. almost 9 years ago

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    In Walnut Creek, CA for the weekend...where should I eat dinner?

    Bing Crosbys restaurant is very nice, but pricey. For dessert, try the Cremery. Very good and was on the man vs food. Their specialty is The Sink, which is like 5 gallons of ice cream!!! Other than that, it's very good ice creme and pastries. almost 9 years ago