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August 2011

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    where can i buy a genuine iphone 5 in Bangkok?

    Go to Siam Paragorn, it's an amazing mall and they have a really cool Apple shop in there. almost 8 years ago

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    Is there a nice silver market in Bangkok where I can buy good silver rings and jewels?

    Just get in any tuk-tuk or taxi, they wil take you to a jewelry shop. And I'm not kidding. almost 9 years ago

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    Is it safe to travel to bangkok now?

    Depends how you define safe :) I just got back from Bangkok actually and it was safe for me! I did have fever and still coughing now but pharmacies are easy to find and you can find good medicine easily. Just drink lots of water because it is really hot there, and it can all of a sudden ( the weather is the same as kuala lumpur basically ). It is up to you to take vaccination jab or not because either way I think you'll be fine :) enjoy Bangkok the food is amazing there! And the shopping malls too! You will enjoy shopping there Bangkok is amazing :) almost 9 years ago