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    How safe is it to travel to San Miguel de Allende?

    Completely safe. Me and my friends go at least once a year, the last time was actually a couple of months a go because some friends from Texas got married there. There's plenty of other tourists, nice places to stay, impressive arts/antiques galleries, and the town is small and safe enough to walk around during the day or night. There are also many taxis around which are trustworthy. My only advice would be for you to get a map of the city, since it's easy to get lost when you're walking around the alleys! You can get a map at the visitors center in the main plaza, or at any gift shop. Have fun over 10 years ago

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    Is it safe to travel to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico?

    Nothing personal against cynthia, but never trust advice from someone who owns a hotel over there haha However she's right, it's completely safe. I go there at least once a year, and so do hundreds of other tourists. over 10 years ago

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    Should I book a flight from Guatemala to Mexico City for 23 July now or should I wait until I am there and book with an agency?

    Flights to and from Central America - Mexico are usually expensive, especially during the summer (high season) because there are so few flights. Besides, it's a pretty long distance (I'm guessing flight time is close to 3 hours). If I were you I'd buy it NOW. There's no reason why it would be cheaper to buy a ticket once you're there, it's more likely to become more expensive. Nowadays travel agencies will not save you much money when it comes to airline ticket prices. over 10 years ago