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August 2011

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    What options do I have for buying a SIM card in Nepal?

    Yes, you can buy a local sim card in Nepal which comes in dominations of NPR 500, 1000, 2000 etc which is the equivalent of US$10, 20, and 40. There are instructions in English on how to activate the card which requires several steps like calling an 1800 number, entering the card number and then the code (which is under a silver overlay that you need to scrape off to reveal the number) If it is too much trouble, the vendors will willingly do it for you for a nominal charge of only NPR 10 (about 20 US cents). Sometimes this charge is already added to your purchase price for the vendor to earn a small commission which also entitles you for the activation service. These cards can be bought from any cellphone shop or bookshop/merchandise stores that displays the "Mobile" sign over it's doorway. There are two sim cards available in Nepal, namely Mero, and Namaste. Both are identical and you can choose from either. More information here: I have used both and the service is good and instant although some natives insist that Namaste has better reception than Mero in terms of voice conversation. Oh yes, whereas Mero can only receive and make calls in major cities in Nepal, Namaste can cover the whole country even in the suburbs. So take your pick. over 9 years ago

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    Where is the best place to visit in S'pore? Where to stay?

    Again, depending on your own personal interest and budget, where is the best place to stay is subjective. If you love shopping, then well-known Orchard Road will be best as it is smack right in the center of the shopping belt surrounded by fine and opulent hotels and shops. If you love sea sport, then the island of Sentosa is great for it's varied sea and land activities. If you addicted to gambling, our Integrated Resort World offer world class hotels with opulent casinos situated in it's premises with theme parks and world class rides and a Singapore Flyer similar to London Eye nearby. If you like dining, history and culture, go to Little India or China Town for it's old world ambiance, shopping and good variety of ethnic food. over 9 years ago

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    What's the best place to stay in Kathmandu?

    I would personally recommend Hyatt Hotel right in the heart of Kathmandu. It is a convenient location if you want to experience the best Nepal can offer. The concierge can arrange for speedy transportation to anywhere in Nepal as your heart desires. It is an upmarket hotel unlike the many lodges and rest houses available in Thamel or it's surroundings. But be warned that it's rate is not exactly cheap as compared to the others mentioned. over 9 years ago