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August 2011

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    What are the best destinations to traveling with children in Malaysia?

    Genting Highland is the best since it is a hill resort with huge in door and outdoor theme parks. The air is very cooling and if u r not use to it u might want to bring some warmer clothes especially for the children. Additionally it is the only resort with international casinos for the adults over 9 years ago

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    What are the best malls/markets in KL

    For knock offs best place is Petaling Street in the evenings. For a good mix of everything, no place beat Sungei Wang Plaza at Bukit Bintang. over 9 years ago

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    Where is the best char kueh teow?

    U can try the one at Dato Keramat Rd. The stall open from morning till afternoon. The name is Ah Leng. Personally I dont think it is that good but it is served with mantis prawn and very popular. The Lorong Selamat is another one by an old lady who can be very rude. My pesonal preference is Sister CKT at McCalister Rd but the taste isnt so good anymore in recent years. over 9 years ago