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April 2010

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    Travelling safely in Bolivia?

    Something you've gotaa understand you'll travel to a very poor country so your expectations about transport should be according to the country. Now the road to Amazonia as Simon said is the most dangerous "the famous one" but now there's a highway with no accidents till now so that is not a problem anymore. Now in Bolivia you must expect strikes and road blockades but they are highly announced so you can be aware of it if you are inside Bolivia. If that happen there are in the road, other kind of transportation to get your destination. Be careful and enjoy the astonishing sights of South America almost 11 years ago

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    Best way to get to Tiwanaku from La Paz?

    the best way is to get a bus (a van) near to cemetery, as I know the ticket costs like 7 Bs or maybe 10Bs. I takes an hour and a half.. now you also can go by taxi but it'll be unnecesary and expensive. Cheers over 10 years ago

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    Anyone know where I can find an online schedule of Cholitas (traditional Bolivian female wrestling')in La Paz/El Alto?

    Here you have 2 links you can try: or also ask to this guy in twitter: @medranoprensa (who is in charge of media in that event.) If any of the above are useful, as I know, many tourist offices offer tickets and even transport to watch this wrestling. Have fun!!! about 10 years ago