Keith Edwards

Keith Edwards

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July 2011

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    What's the best way to carry money in Myanmar?

    Just back from Myanmar. There are now ATM's fairly well distributed through Yangon and even in smaller towns. I had no trouble getting cash on my Canadian Bank account. More businesses are taking Visa and even a few are taking American Express. Cash should be carried in more remote areas. US currency is the preferred currency. Earlier advice was that the notes had to be clean and not creased or torn. This rule appears to be relaxed somewhat. I used an old and creased note at the airport cafe. over 5 years ago

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    What is the best way to get from Hamilton to Toronto airport?

    Assuming you are going to Pearson International and not Billy Bishop City Centre airport contact Airways Transit Public transit is not a viable alternative. You could take a train from Hamilton to Toronto and then an Airport Express bus to the airport. Via rail has a website but the trains may not be very frequent. about 8 years ago