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July 2011

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    What to see/do in Gothenburg

    Haga is a alternative part of the town - with coffeeshops and funny Things to buy in the shops in this erea. Was famous in the 70s - now it is a bit shrinking in size, but still funny to go around and enjoy your selv on a alternative way... Cheers almost 9 years ago

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    Which is the best place to go for a Traveller?

    Depents on what you are looking for. Nature, People, culture, shopping, activities /sport, or old stuff on museum. Urban life and shopping in Copenhagen, Aarhus, or Aalborg. Nice places with unspoilt culturelife on the small islands eg. Ærø, Fanø or Bornholm. Action and sport on the typical turistsides on the westcoast... Peoplewatching and museeum best in Copenhagen. Nyhavn and eg. Clyptothek near Tivoli... almost 9 years ago

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    Mobile Internet access.

    We did a huge mistake takin' our own wireless network on travel. This cost several 1000 bucks when we returned. Now every place we travel, we buy a SIM card from a local Shop for a week or month and just insert this in our mobile internetstik on our computer, for just a few $. Internetprovider at home see at least you are using theres divices out in the world so all traffic on web is going first home and bak again... Every single commercial on a webside will cost a lot of money beside the Information you are searching for. You always get Flatrate from a local phone company. On your mobile it also will be much cheaper, but you'll loose your phone number in this periode and friends and family can't contact you when they don't know your new number... Good luck ! almost 9 years ago