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Stuck more or less in one place for the next six years as I get my PhD, but have traveled moderately in western Europe and lived in London for a year.

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United States New York, New York, United States


July 2011

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    Which is better to stay in - betw-sy-coed or conwy?

    Haven't been to Betw-sy-coed, but I've been to Conwy twice and I love it there. If you're looking for a place to stay, the Castle Bank Hotel is an adorable little bed and breakfast. Though it depends on what you want to do there -- Conwy has an awesome castle and some good places for walking and hiking, not to mention that it's an adorable little town to hang out in and while away a few afternoons. over 9 years ago

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    If I'm planning to view the changing of guards at Buckingham Palace, what's the best location to view them and how do I make my way there?

    Depends how tall you are! If you are there during tourist season, it will be crowded, and almost no point will be a really good vantage point. If you really just want to see some of the guards up close, they go through Green Park (to the right of Buckingham Palace if you're facing it) before the ceremony. Once they go through the front gates of the palace it is hard to see much if you aren't very tall, and the bars of the gates block most photos. (If it's any consolation I think the whole thing is too long and relatively uninteresting. If your heart isn't set on seeing the whole thing, I'd start out in Green Park on the path Google maps tells me is called Queen's Walk, watch the guards go by up close, follow them into the plaza in front of the palace and listen to the band until you get bored and saunter off before the massive crowd disperses.) over 9 years ago

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    I'm going to be in England for a year of university and I'm wondering which cellular providers are good? I'll be bringing iPad 3G and cell.

    Where did you buy your iPad? Mine is from Verizon in the US, and when I bought it I was thinking of studying abroad so I asked if the 3G would work with other cell companies in other countries and they told me flat out that it would not, though the wifi capabilities would obviously not be affected. I don't know how true it is, but I would look into it. Also, if your cell phone is not sim card enabled you probably won't be able to use it in the UK, since service providers there usually just sell you the sim card and track your usage through that. over 9 years ago