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Lived in the UK (London & Birmingham). Was exchange student in Japan. Visited USA, France, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines Lived in Northern Territory, Queensland (Gold Coast) and reside in Perth.

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Australia South Australia, Australia


July 2011

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    How safe is Manila?

    I've been there twice and last time took 3 kids. We also stayed with friends who are locals so we've been clued in to what to watch out for. If in central Manila stick to Makati area, Greenhills or Rockwell area. Also, we flew down to Boracay and had a great time with no problems. A smart traveller will always carry a little money and not wander up unlit, quiet streets. Most locals speak English and are very helpful but you need to remember it's a poor country so there are a few that will take advantage when they can. Wouldn't bother with Jeepneys as have heard they can can get held up and everyone on board robbed. over 9 years ago

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    What is the cheapest way to get from Perth to Melbourne? Is there cheap internal flights and how much would they be like?

    Jetstar, Virgin, Tiger Airways. Also check out if you could get a Qantas Airpass. See the Qantas website for info (depends on what country you're coming from). over 9 years ago

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    What is a quick and reliable way to transfer between Manila and Clark airports?

    Ha, don't bank on arriving on time. All our flights to and from Caticlan were delayed by a minimum 5 hours. Having said that we flew Phil air. Seemed all the Cebu Pacific flights were on schedule. I'd recommend you arrange a driver, in advance, to meet you at the airport and drive you to Clark. Contact Tuggys Travel for advice. I've used them before and they were brilliant with everything, even advice. over 9 years ago