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July 2011

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    What is Hershey Amusement Park like in Hershey, PA? (called Chocolatetown, USA)

    It's great fun for the kids. I live 2 miles from the park. Before you go to the park, buy your tickets at the Giant Grocery Store on Route 743. You can buy discount tickets there and save $5.00 per ticket. Make sure you eat well before you go in and keep hydrated. If you are smart, when your group gets hungry the park will stamp your hands so you can reenter the park at no charge. Take a break and get a good meal. It will cost you less, you will have a better meal and you will get a break. My last suggestion is to pick a landmark you can go to to meet up should you become separated. It's easy to get distracted when you are having a good time. Enjoy! over 9 years ago