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July 2011

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    I'll be in NYC in March with my boyfriend and staying in TriBeCa. We are on a budget and would like to pack as much as we can in 4 days.

    Tribeca is a good place to stay because it's close to a lot of downtown tourist attractions and many are free --- Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, check out Wall Street, Battery Park, the South Street Sea Port, Hudson River Park. I also recommend these free activities: hang out in the East Village for an afternoon, visit Brooklyn, see Central Park, see Times Square. The top of the Empire State Building is pretty cool. Comedy shows are fun. The E Village has some great bars depending on your style..! about 8 years ago

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    Whats the best way to get from rome to paris?

    Flying seemed to be my best option when I was there (saved time and $$). Choosing the flight depends on flight prices. Ryanair and Easyjet are definitely going to be cheaper, but they fly to airports that are way outside of Paris. Although it'll cost you more than usual (compared to other cities) to get from Charles de Gaulle, it beats a 70 euro shuttle from the other airports. Compare ticket prices (taking the airport-to-city price into consideration) and time, and then decide! My cheapest route was Fiumicino to Charles de Gaulle. Good luck! over 8 years ago

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    Athens, in how many days?

    I did two. It was ok, but I would suggest three! You really need a whole day for the Acropolis, another to see the city, and maybe one more for other sites. It depends on what you like...! over 8 years ago