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    What type of gifts can we take for a chinese wedding in Province Fujian,China?

    We have just returned from a wedding ceremony in Jiangsu Province. I understand that the Chinese tradition is to give money (in a red envelope) and that was certainly evident at that ceremony. about 10 years ago

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    With 1.5 days in Beijing, what are the things I 'must see'?

    I agree with Greg - these are a "must" but hardly off the beaten track. Full day = Great Wall + Summer Palace then an opera or acrobatics etc. in the evening. Summer Palace will be a bit rushed depending on how long you spend on the wall so start out early. Half Day = Forbidden City + Tiananmen Square (which are adjacent) If you need to see a panda (they are in some other cities as well so try to get it done before Beijing) then replace the half day with the Beijing Zoo. Strongly recommend hiring a car and driver so you don't lose time on transport interchanges etc. You will pay between 400 and 600 depending on whether you hire through a hotel or other agent and whether they speak English. Unless you happen to be fluent in the language and the history, an English speaking driver is invaluable and worth paying extra. We paid 600 through our hotel for a 9am pickup and 8pm return after an evening show. about 10 years ago