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Have been blessed to have travelled and lived in Canada & Europe. Visits to several US states & the Caribbean. Past 6 yrs. have spent winters in Ubud,Bali (6mo. per visit)


July 2011

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    Where is the best place for backpackers to stay the first night in bali. Close to the airport..not touristy but still easy to get to.

    Kuta would probably be your best area for "backpackers" inexpensive home-stays there and fairly close to airport any thing else in the airport area are high end hotels. Kuta is my least favorite area of Bali (sorry) if your on the Island for long go to Ubud lots of places there also 1 hr away/north of airport. Get the Bimo (bus) Check out lonely planet .. about 9 years ago

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    Looking for jewelry in Ubud Bali

    The best area and artists for jewelry in Bali are in Celuk south of Ubud .. Tons of shops around Ubud also. about 9 years ago

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    Can somebody tell me about car rentals on Bali without driver?

    Yes of course you can rent .. Too many beautiful & amazing places to see to mention here .. Get a good map and tour guide book like lonely planet .. Also police often stop tourists driving and charge fees .. Often for no reason :( good luck, be safe As mentioned before a hire a driver so much more relaxing and a good driver will explain customs, history etc. about 9 years ago