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March 2010

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    What's the best time of year to visit Yunnan in China?

    I suggest not to go during summer (Aug - Oct) because it's wet season over there and it can get quite dangerous as you need to catch a bus or share a car to get to a lot of destinations. It depends on which part of Yunnan you are going to visit, i went to Lijiang in December for Xmas and a long sleeve tee and a thich jacket will keep me warm, but if you are going up to the snowy mountain, put a jumper under your jacket will be fine. Kunming is always quite warm and that's why it was named "Spring City"... almost 11 years ago

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    Book early for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai?

    Accommodation is always going to be more expensive than usual if there is an important events. i suggest to look for cheap alternatives when travelling during a peak period! is a good website for booking accommodations - cheap or expensive ones! over 10 years ago

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    Best foreign language courses in Sydney (to learn French or Italian)

    sydney university provides good courses! almost 11 years ago