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    What kind of clothes to pack if i am going to cape town in august-October? I heard it's kind of like a Mediterranean winter-true?

    Cape Town weather is very unpredictable! Due to Table Mountain it's also usually completely different from the rest of South Africa too. Yes, it can be very similar to a Mediterranean winter. I lived there for 4 years. Some days it can be up in the high 20c's and then the following day it will rain torrentially and be only 8c! I would go with jeans, t-shirts, a pair of shorts mainly and take a jumper and a raincoat too. over 9 years ago

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    What towns / cities are worth seeing in Botswana and how should I get around?

    Definitely 4x4! I did a road trip a couple of years ago and drove the length of Botswana from South Africa, across the tip of Zimbabwe up to Vic Falls then back into Botswana, through Maun to Namibia. The main roads are ok but full of crazy potholes the further north you go. Highly recommend going up to Chobe National Park and just paying to drive yourself through. Fantasic wildlife for less than 10GBP per person! Cheapest safari you'll ever do.... Khama Rhino Sanctuary and Nata Bird Sanctuary are easily accessed and worth a trip. Nata has the salt pans without having to go right into the Mkgadigadi. Every town you come across has a petrol station, bank and supermarket. Had Blackberry Edge connection the whole way up too. People are very friendly and the campsites and lodges are well run and maintained. Great experience.... over 9 years ago

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    Anybody know the best day/time of the week to buy cheaper round trip tickets to cape town South Africa? or what airline?

    Depends where you're going from. If it's UK, BA is normally the cheapest direct flight or KLM via Amsterdam. You can often get cheaper from Qatar Airways etc but you obviously have to fly via Doha which makes the journey longer. Flights get booked up very quickly as there are generally only one per day per airline. over 9 years ago