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July 2011

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    What are some things to do in Rio while it is raining?

    There a many Cultural Centers like Instituto Moreira Sales in Gavea neighborhood and Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Centro Cultural do Correios, Centro Cultural da Justiça Eleitoral, Centro Cultural França-Brasil, Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal, Centro Cultural da Marinha which are all in downtown. Besides, there are also interesting museums like Museu de Belas Artes e Museu Histórico Nacional, also in downtown. Don't forget to see the fortresses in Copacabana and Leme: Forte de Copacabana and Forte do Leme. On the other hand, there are plenty of cinemas, theatre and shopping centers. If it is not raining too much, you can still go walking on the beach, at the Lagoon and Botanic Garden. Enjoy and don't forget your umbrella! about 9 years ago

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    Can you recomend me a nice and fun place in Rio de Janeiro to spent new years eve?.

    Copacabana beach is always a place to go if you have never been there before. There are many shows on the beach for free and parties at the hotels. Besides, there is also Clube Marimbás and Forte de Copacabana. On December, there will be more option on parties. You can also go to Buzios (2h30 north of Rio). about 9 years ago

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    What tips do you have when planning a trip to Carnavale in Rio de Janeiro? Where are the best places to party amongst the locals?

    Nowadays, the best is the street carnaval, the "blocos", all over the city, specially the ones in the south zone of Rio like Ipanema, Leblon, Jardim Botânico. over 8 years ago