Gaurav Nigam

Gaurav Nigam

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I am a software engineer by profession and but Indian by heart. I enjoy traveling and driving, and are my hobbies as well.

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India Delhi, India


July 2011

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    I a female planning to travel to India by myself in December. Is this safe? Also is the threat of terrorism over played?

    Hey...Warm welcome to India. India is a nice place to tour round the year and there is no good time to visit India. Its a safe place for females and we Indian do respect women's a lot and please don't worry about any such things. I agree there were few attempts made by terrorist to hurt the peace and integrity of India, but it's is much safer place to live and visit than our neighbors. Come to India and discover one of the most beautiful land on earth. Also, do let me know if I can be of any help to you. over 7 years ago