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February 2010

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    What are some of the most interesting geological sites in Tasmania?

    Tasmania has an origin at the south pole as a marine deposit from the erosion of material from Australia, India, Africa, Anarctica and South America. At the end of the Permian Era something happened, perhaps the meteorite that cause the Wilkes Land Crater (Antarctica)and over some thousands of years massive amounts of lava was pushed into the upper layers of the marine deposit forming dolerite (called diabase in North America). At this same time these continents broke away and began to drift off, with Tasmania following Australia, it could easily have been another continent. Dolerite dominates the landscape in Tasmania, most peaks and plateaus are formed from it, some sculpted as nanutaks by glaciers (Cradle Mtn). (Frenchmans Cap is quartzite a notable exception). At the edges continental granite, often very red, features on the north and east coasts, particularly at Freycinet Peninsular and Flinders Island. On the Tasman Peninsular (more dolerite) many sea cliffs and columns have been formed, as well as Blowholes and two major isthmuses like Eaglehawk Neck The west coast still has some of the most wild rivers in the world despite the push for hydro electric schemes (Franklin River). Also on the west coast, Macquarie Harbour is a very large body of water with a narrow outlet to the sea, such that normal tides as pulled by the moon are overcome by atmospheric tides. The tide goes out under a high pressure system and, and comes in under a low pressure system, for days on end. meika about 10 years ago

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    Hi I am traveling to Tasmania in August . Can I go skiing anywhere?

    August is the end of winter, though spring can see more snow than winter. "downhill" skiing with ski-lifts operate at Mt Field near Hobart in the south and Ben Lomond nearrLaunceston in the north There is extensive areas under snow for cross country skiiing but the terrain is difficult and walking tracks such as the Overland Track are skied only by those with a good deal of experience. over 8 years ago

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    Can I take raw meats into Tasmania?

    yes But importing meat from overseas into Australia is not allowed. almost 10 years ago