Mexican CHarly

Mexican CHarly

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Dentist and chef!

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Mexico Guanajuato (State), Mexico


July 2011

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    Why not go to Mazatlan Mexico?.

    Even when there's a drug cartels war in México, the touristic places of the country are kept pretty safe so by taking universal precautions and enjoying the hotel and safely nightlife recomendad by your hosts, theres nothing to worry about. over 9 years ago

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    With the issues with drinking the water in Mexico, can you drink coffee or will the ice in mixed drinks have the same effect?

    The water is cheap in mexico, you can get a bottled gallon for as low as 1.85 usd. Most of the hotel chains have their own purifying plants and almost every chain delivers you a bottle of water to brush or drink. And youre right, it is not a good idea to drink the water directly from the tap, but water is cheap here, everything is. Enjoy your trip¡ about 9 years ago

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    Where can I sell or donate used clothes?

    If you want to make some money, go to el zocalo, dress yourself badly and sit in front of the cathedral with a "10 pesos cada una" anouncement, youll have fun and im pretty sure you can make up to 10 usd by selling them. If the police comes just take off the anouncement xD about 9 years ago