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July 2011

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    what is the most interesting thing to see in Guangzhou China and where is the best Cantonese food to be found?

    Guangzhou is a modern city now. I consider the only interesting thing to see is the museums, such as Nan Yue Wang Mu Museum南岳王墓博物馆, Chen Jia Ci陈家祠。 You can find more information on the culture department website. The food, well, a lot! You can go to any hotel to have a morning tea. Actually, we will have the morning tea till 1or2p.m. at weekend. And there is a famous food store in Guangzhou called Yin Ji银记肠粉店。 People have to queue up, even not at the dinner time. The famous food there are Chang-fen肠粉 and Congee粥。 Have a good trip! over 9 years ago

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    what are hotels in city center, Guangzhou

    Well, actually, I think, the most important is find a hotel Nearby the subway. over 9 years ago