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Jane Sutherland

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January 2010

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    Save traveling to Bali with a 2 year old baby. Any Island around with the same level of health security?

    We have just returned from Bali with a 2 and 9 year old. Both my partner and I got upset tummys but the kids were fine! We went off the beaten track to Ubud, Lombok and Gili Islands and the Balinese people loved the kids. It would have been nice to stay somewhere with a 'kids club' so my partner and I could have had some more time together, but the hotel and restaurant staff everywhere we went were more then eager to look after our 2 year old while we ate! We organised babysitters through the hotels and they were always lovely women who the kids felt totally comfortable with straight away (as they did with most Balinese people we met) and cost was only Rp25000-Rp50000/hour or AUS$2.50-AUS$5.00/hour - very cheap! Our 2 year old puts everything in his mouth and I forgot to use the hand sanitiser, although we regularly used his baby wipes to wipe his hands and high chair (if there was one avail) and he was fine. We used bottled water always (and brushed our teeth with it too) but I think my partner and I were a bit too adventurous with the food! We had gastrolyte so we were soon okay again. The kids ate nasi goreng everywhere we went (vege rice and egg). Got both kids Typhoid and Hep A injections before we went. We went to the monkey forest but didn't take any food or plastic bags/bottles that might cause them to jump on or attack us - instead we watched other people have it done to them!!! Apparently rabies is a concern at the moment and I didn't want to have to worry. We got a hotel transfer straight from the airport and put the 2 year old on our lap with seatbelt around us. Much easier then trying to organise taxi etc especially when you are tired. One bit of advice - when you arrive to collect your luggage porters come and ask if you would like a trolley - my partner said yes and after they gave us a trolley and lifted 2 bags asked for Rp200000 - AUS$20. We were conned! Have a great trip and enjoy the lovely Balinese way with kids - I hope to be more like them with my kids from now on!!! about 10 years ago

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    Best place to sray in Bali with a 2 year old?

    Wow, thanks for your answers. This site is fantastic - wish I discovered it sooner! Yes we have just returned from 2 weeks in Bali visiting Ubud, Lombok and Gili Islands. We stayed at Alam Shanti (and Alam Gili) and loved it. Organised a babysitter in Ubud to go out to dinner for Rp 50000/hour. She was great and the kids loved her. We are returning to Bali in October and although we loved staying in the beautiful Alam Shanti, we are considering the bigger hotels because we would love more time together as a couple (e.g. maybe some time in the hotel room without the kids!). We are concerned that we will hate the bigger hotels in Kuta (esp when I read about families feeding their kids McDonalds while in Bali!) but the kids facilities are very tempting! We like cultural experiences but also like to return home feeling like we have had time together as a couple not only as a family. Selfish? about 10 years ago