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Tanya Family Travel Specialist

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I am a Certified Family Travel Specialist in the USA with Cruises and Tours Unlimited. I travel extensively with my family, homeschool, a Girl Scout leader, and run several area business networking groups, I also help organize group cruises! You can call me directly at 877-FAM-TRAV to book a trip!

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July 2011

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    Looking for a "young" family friendly hotel in Las Vegas.

    I like the places that are more like an apartment w/kitchen and separate rooms versus a hotel room. That way we can still have the family dinners, save some money on eating out, it it just has a more relaxed atmosphere. They really don't run into more money if you compare it to eating out several meals a day. The last time we were there we had a 3 year old in tow. We did go watch 'the water dance' and Mandalay Bay, and the strip..but there were so many people..handing out so many in appropriate flyers along the strip.. we didn't make it a routine. We stayed at the Grandview on the Southend of the strip. Still very nice area, less crowded, had the trolleys, near groceries, had a kitchen, beautiful pool..AND the casino next door had a great childcare area that you could use while you went to the movies IN the casino, or dinner, or bowling, or gambling. It was great. Just be careful since the Grandview is a Timeshare property if you sign up for a tour or a 'deal' with lodging and the tour.. you loose 1/2 a day vacation being dragged around. We did it, we didn't buy, and we go over $100 of food gift certificates. over 9 years ago

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    Thinking about going to the Atlantis for a family vacation. How is it really? My children are 12 and 13. Is it safe for them?

    I agree with Tomison61.. cruising really is a great way to see if, and have a full vacation. If you do a Disney Cruise, kids don't even have to go on some ports if they don't want to. It was great not dragging a 6 year old shopping in Cozumel on a rainy day. I think for the money you would pay at Atlantis you could get lots of ports via a cruise and the food and travel from port to port is included! over 9 years ago

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    Are Disney World meal plans worth it?

    It really depends on your family. If you are going to be in the parks all day from morning till night, then yes. If you are going back to your room for afternoon naps, or in the evenings and you will be off property a lot, then maybe not. Personally we get a room w/a kitchen, and eat breakfast there, then head out to the parks. We plan for 1 meal out per day, but the other one is either sandwiches in a cooler we keep in the car, or back at the kitchen. Look at your travel plans and see what works best for your family. over 9 years ago