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Heavy traveler in the USA for business and personal. My regular out of the country destination is BA, but we also enjoy Western Europe as well. Our out of USA travel is partly driven by our tastes in food.



July 2011

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    Where is the best place to hang out in Las Vegas?

    That is a tough question You need to be more specific Outdoor or indoor? Season? What kind of fun? What kind of food, if any, are you looking for? Someone looking for casual encounters will go different places based on age and preferences. People that hang out at the Hard Rock pool (think very fit) are not likely to be happy at Circus Circus unless it is for the Steak House. Same for gambling. Give us more to work with, you'll get a better answer. over 9 years ago

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    Hi can anyone suggest some places at 2-3 hours driving distance from Chicago for a weekend trip?

    The Quad Cities has more than gambling and golf depending on what you like to do, and I agree that whatever you do it will be cheaper than in Chicago. about 9 years ago

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    What's the best steakhouse in The Windy City?

    Tavern on Rush is a favorite but the steak is far better at Gibsons or Hugos Frog Bar which shares a kitchen with Gibsons. The steak at either of those two is better than Mortons, the Chop House, and all the high end chain joints. over 9 years ago