Peter M

Peter M

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July 2011

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    I keep hearing about Oregon Wine Country, and am planning a trip. I think The Allison is the place to stay but would love other tips.

    We stayed at the Allison the second day it was open and had a great experience. I assume it has only gotten better. Very nice spa. Depending on the experience you are looking for we have also stayed at the Hopewell B&B and enjoyed that as well. Jory has a great wine list. We enjoyed Farm to Fork, Crooked House Bistro in Salem and have res at Tina's tomorrow nt. Many great wineries. We hired a driver with inside connections and he got us behind the scenes in several places and had some good talks with the wine makers. I recommend avoiding the big commodity producers and seeking out the small family run boutique wineries. My $.02 about 8 years ago