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July 2011

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    Is rail better than road to travel through France?

    One important factor to consider is the price of gasoline. These days it is around 1.60€ per litre on the motorway (that's about $8.50 per U.S. gallon). For example, if you want to drive from Paris to Marseille (780km - 484 miles), it'll cost you about 100€ in gas and 60€ in tolls, and it'll take 8 hours. In contrast, the same trip by train costs about 90€ per person and takes 3 hours. So if I were you, I'd definitely pick the high-speed train option. (Plus, if you never rode a train that does 200mph, that's definitely something to experience) Check-out voyages-sncf.com Cheers ! over 9 years ago