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    What is the best way (i.e. mode of transportation) to travel up the east coast of Australia?

    There are many ways, and it all depends on how you like to travel and see it. In my opinion there are three ways of traveling, and this will hopefully help you in making a choice on the way you want to travel. If you were totally independent this would mean that you would love to do everything yourself, then you would like to take a camper or a car. If your semi-independent then the bus such as the Greyhound bus, these work by kilometre passes, so you can pick where you would like to go. there is also the OZ Experience, this is where you pick the route you would like to do and then you decide if you want to stay extra anywhere else. The last way would be Adventurer tours, which would include accommodation, Food, Transport and a guide. So those are the ways of transport, my favourite is Oz Experience, because it let me jump on and off where ever i wanted to, and i still got to meet some awesome people and made some really great friendships, over 10 years ago

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    Day trips around New Zealand

    There are many ways of travelling to those destinations, There are ways of still doing a tour, and being cheap but still giving you the tourist feel. The best way i would say would be a bus, you can use the Intercity Bus to Rotorua and chill out, take in the sights and walk in the parks check out the Spas! and then jump on a bus back, just need to make sure your on the right bus back before 4pm. Things i would suggest in each area.. Bay of Island - Dolphin Swimming, Jet Boating, Maori Shows, Park walks Auckland - Whale and Dolphin Safari, Rangitoto Island (a dormant volcano) Sailing on the American Boats, Kelly Tarltons an Underwater World, Harbour Bridge and Mt Eden Tauranga - Make a trip to Rotorua, or climb the Mt Maunganui, walk along the beautiful beach Napier - Has some of the most lovely wines, just place to just sit at a cafe and relax, also it is famous for the Dolphin Show. Wellington - If you love LOTR there are so really great trips from Wellington, as well as city tours, Te Papa (A very famous museum) and shopping, Wellington has some of the best shops in New Zealand! Christchurch - City tours, Maori shows, Gondola, Yaldhurst Museum of Transport and Science and the famous International Antarctic Centre. Dunedin - there are museums, wildlife tours you can do here, like penguin spotting, but one thing i can highly must do, is the Cadbury Chocolate Factory!! If you plan on doing one or any of them, you will need to pre-book just to make sure you have and space and to get back in time. You wont be able to do all of the activities, but you should be able to do one or two of them I hope this was helpful, and i really hope you enjoy New Zealand when you come, there is so much to see and do, you and your family will love it here!! over 10 years ago

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    What is the best value for money campervan rental company?

    Opps sorry, i didn't see the question was for Australia!, but its the same information, Again you have a lot of campers over there. that have simple things to everything on wheels. The main companies i would use to do Australia would be Jucy, Kea, Spaceships. Cheap Campa, Hippie Campers, Apollo Campers. It all depends on what you would like in terms of what you need, such as toilets ans showers or if you just need the bed. All the Best!! over 10 years ago