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July 2011

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    Where would you guys go (traveling alone) if you have 10 days holidays?

    Almost impossible to give advice - there are so many great places. :-) Personally I could mention Italy (loved Milan and Parma, for instance), Canada, Washington, Dubrovnik + Monte Negro, Paris is cool and so on... as Alex says, it all depends on your interests. And I may add, maybe also on how far you want to/can travel and what you can afford. over 9 years ago

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    What is the best way to spend 2 hours on foot in Downtown Stockholm in the summer?

    I agree with Pelle - that would be a nice 2 hours. As an alternative, walking around Gamla Stan, where the royal castle is, and visiting the various cafes and shops is also nice. In Gamla Stan you can also take a guided tour by horse and carriage. Personally I am very sceptic to anything guided (like to explore on my own), but the horse and carriage trip was quite nice. All this said - two hours in a nice city like Stockholm is way too short... :-) Have a nice trip. over 9 years ago

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    Where to eat lunch in Trondheim?

    Another place known for having nice lunches, is the Rica Nidelven Hotel. over 9 years ago