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a japanese, a taiwanese, a chai brewer, a traveler, a headbanger.

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July 2011

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    What's the best way to Niigata from Nagasaki?

    by air plane is better. it takes 3 hours, include 1 transfer at osaka, cost jpy60000 by advance booking. if you have rail-pass, taking shinkansen also okay. but it takes 10 hours, you need transfer 2 times, at tokyo and hakata. there's no direct bus service between the cities. if you prefer to choose the cheapest way, you should go to osaka and take a bus to nagasaki. over 9 years ago

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    Best place to eat Shao Long Bao?

    one of the best for me is, located on Fahuazhen lu, between Panyu li-Dingxi lu. It is behind of Crowne plaza shanghai, 5 minutes walk from there. i had lived nearby for half year, eaten there once a week. it's so local one, they don't understand english, but it's easy to order. they only have 3 kinds of food. if you stay in xuhui district or zhangnng district, it's worth to go. over 9 years ago

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    We have about 2 weeks in Laos. Any recommendations?

    Kod island. it is in "four thousand islands", the south-est area of laos. located in the middle of Mekong river. so calm and chill out, you can have a great time. there is bus service once a day from Pakse, and mini bus service also available. it is 3-4 hours trip, then at Nakasan, transfer to long tail boat, 30 minutes more to get there. don't forget to bring your favorite books, musics, and flush lights. over 9 years ago