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July 2011

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    Isn't there anything more recent on the safety of visiting Cairo?

    Really I don't think you need to avoid Egypt or Cairo. Cairo is a very, very large city of almost 20 million people and the demonstration is taking place in a tiny, tiny fraction of it. It's like saying there's a demonstration outside Buckingham Palace so you can't go to London. I have "western" friends staying in Cairo who go to Tahrir regularly to photograph or see what's happening. I live out near the pyramids and truly we never see any sign of disturbance or trouble - we simply see the pyramids sadly devoid of tourists. Fridays are the main day for political activity. But all-in-all it is relatively calm - and I don't believe any tourists have been caught up or in any way harmed during this quest by Egyptians for a democratic future. All tourist sites are open. over 9 years ago

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    Holidays to Egypt what are visitors looking for?

    No matter what people are looking for Egypt can provide it? Ancient monuments and lots of history, luxury resorts and beach-side holidays, water sports including diving, kite surfing, windsurfing, desert safaris, cultural experiences, river cruises or just a whole lot of fun in Cairo - officially the world's city that never sleeps :-) Lyndall almost 9 years ago

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    What are the best things to do in Australia/New Zealand on a backpacker's budget?

    Both have awesome museums and art galleries, often free. In Australia visit a park or beach anywhere, the beaches are amazing. Train journeys in Australia are also often inexpensive. over 9 years ago