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    Where the most beautiful place in Istanbul

    Agree with all the above answers, and would add the Topkapi Palace in particular - beautiful views, amazing history and peaceful surroundings. I'd recommend going early in the morning to beat the crowds. over 9 years ago

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    Prepaid sim card for IPhone.

    Sure - all the three main carriers at least (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone) have prepaid SIMs that aren't too expensive (between $2 and $30, depending on whether they include starter credit) and will give you a reasonable amount of data. You can buy them at the carrier's shops, and large post offices and supermarkets. Recharging is possible at these places too, as well as some ATMs and of course online or by calling the toll free number. Check these links out for more info: www.telstra.com.au www.optus.com.au www.vodafone.com.au Telstra has the best coverage but is probably the most expensive. If you're only going to be in the metro areas of Sydney and Melbourne, any carrier should be fine. Don't forget to make sure your iPhone is unlocked from your network before you arrive, of course! Have a great trip :) over 9 years ago

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    How much does iPhone 4 cost in USA

    At the moment, unlocked iPhone 4's bought outright are $649 for 16GB and $749 for 32GB (though the Apple Store is down right now). Be aware that iPhone 5 is probably coming out in about September, so you could either wait for the new model or wait til then to see if iPhone 4's become cheaper! over 9 years ago