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I am the GM of OverlandingAfrica.com after spending many years working as a Tour Leader on Overland trucks in Africa in the Middle East.


December 2009

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    My partner and i are booked to go to Luxor at the start of March. What should we do?

    Luxor is a long way from Cairo and if that is your only stop then I wouldn't make a decision just yet. We still have all of our trips running, with the exception of Cairo short trips, and our crew on the ground say nothing is happening anywhere outside of Cairo City. I think it is a decision you can make the week before. As long as you have adequate travel insurance it is not a drama to cancel at the last minute. I am heading back there in April with 9 others and we haven't changed a thing yet - too early to judge. :) almost 10 years ago

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    The cost of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

    Hi Steven, If you can get it for $800 I would take it as on average you should pay around $1200 pp for the guided 5 day Marangu Route climb. Be careful who you book with though. They must be qualified and insured with the proper authorities. Have fun! Tania over 10 years ago

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    What is the best Tour Company and trip for around 14 days through Cairo, the Pyramids encompassing the Nile and the Red or Dead Seas?

    I recommend oasisoverland.co.uk for a great 10 or 14 day trip around Egypt. I think they also have a trip that covers Egypt and parts of Jordan but it is a bit longer - 19 or 21 days or something. I have sent my clients to them often and have always had great feedback. :) about 11 years ago