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July 2011

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    Best things to see and do in the Philippines?

    Couldn't agree more with fussel tier. I lived in Manila fpr a year and had been held at gunpoint in heavy traffic and got my mobile phone stolen. It's not exactly unsafe, but you need to take necessary precautions when you go there. Davao on the other hand, is a little like Manila, sans the heavy traffic and the filth. And the water here is so clean, you can drink it straight from the tap. And there's this little island just a five minute boat ride away that boasts of great beaches. over 9 years ago

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    Best areas in the Philippines to visit?

    2-1 chances of being taken hostage in davao? Puhlease... Where do you get your info? From some ignorant Luzonian? No offense. But Davao is alot safer than manila. ALOT! Im a girl and I can walk around the city at 3 am and still manage to come home unscathed. Try walking around in manila by yourself at 3 am and you could get yourself nabbed, raped, robbed and God knows what. Take it from a local. And, um... If you do have plans to go to davao, go to Samal. It's just 5 minutes off the coast and the beaches there are divine. You can also go to eden nature park for a whiff of fresh, mountain air... Or take a one week trek to the top of mt. Apo. Seriously, there are like, a hundred of things to do in davao. (dont forget to eat durian. If the stench bothers you, buy yourself the durian candies... They're heaven in a little plastic wrap) over 9 years ago

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    3 days - What to do and what to see in Cebu ?

    Don't forget to try the ngo hiong, another cebu delicacy. :). over 9 years ago