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    I have 2 weeks to explore Europe this October. I've already been to Paris, Lisbon and Madrid. Any suggestions on the must see cities?

    Budapest is the capital city of Hungary .It offers offers an eclectic mix of the old Eastern European culture with the more modern westernised culture. Visit Budapest and explore beauty of the capital of Hungary. If you need more travel related information I would suggest you some online portal such as flybee.com , yatra dot com, etc. where you can get information about hotels , airline tickets and many more. over 9 years ago

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    What is a good night club for dancing in Rome.

    Visit Alexanderplatz One of the most happening nightlife spots dotting the landscape of Rome. Venue: Via Ostia 9 Phone:+39 06 39742171 Hours: Mon-Sat 9pm-2am For more information browse through http://flybee.com/rome/night-life/ .It may help you. over 9 years ago

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    What is the best and cheapest way to travel from Amsterdam to London?

    Take a bus This is the cheapest method and probably the least famous as well. It’s actually the easiest method by far, but the fact that it takes around 10 or 11 hours makes it less than ideal for many people. Fpr more information browse through http://www.amsterdamlogue.com/getting-from-amsterdam-to-london-youve-got-4-options.html , http://flybee.com/amsterdam/ . over 9 years ago

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    How can if find a reasonably priced hotel in London?

    It is difficult to find a reasonable priced good hotel in London. However there are many online portal which offers great deals in hotel booking. I recommend you an online portal called Flybee. I got it searching through Internet. Last time when I was in London to spend a holiday I booked my hotel through Flybee. I got a beautiful hotel on my low budget. Browse through http://flybee.com/london/hotels/ . Hopefully it help you. over 9 years ago

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    Can anyone recommend a charming, reasonable, very French hotel in Paris?

    There are many on-line portal through which you can get information about hotels in Paris. However I suggest You some on-line portal such as tripadvisior.com , yatra.com, flybee.com etc. Last time when I went Paris to spend my holiday I booked my hotel through http://flybee.com/paris/hotels/ and got a awesome French hotel in Paris on my low budget. Hopefully it help you. over 9 years ago

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    Any suggestions for a reasonable hotel to stay in London...close to the metro and eateries?

    The city of London is a hub of tourists for its rich culture and heritage. London has such a large selection of hotels that will absolutely help you to find out the best quality hotels in London within your budget. I suggest you a online travel portal http://flybee.com/london/hotels/ I get it through browsing Internet. It may help you to get your desire accommodation. over 8 years ago

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    Night tours or Day tours? Which is the most beautiful in Paris? Please Suggest.

    Paris is a very beautiful city with full of architectures, monuments and museums that attracts a lot of visitors across the globe.I think day tour would be better.Fore more information on Paris browse through http://flybee.com/paris/ over 9 years ago

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    Give me three fun (different) things to do in Amsterdam - quick!

    1. Nurture the Passion for Ice-skating 2. Unveil the Watery Beauty with Canal Tour 3.Breathe in the Free Spirit while Biking For more information browse through http://flybee.com/amsterdam/things-to-do/ over 9 years ago