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Isabel Fontanot

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Currently living in Mexico City and studying Sociology and Economics, vegetarian, passionate about everything that involves travelling and nature.

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Mexico Mexico City, Mexico


July 2011

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    Is it safe to visit Mexico City?

    Hi, I also live in Mexico City and I can positively say that as other people have quoted above, it is safe to travel here. In fact, Mexico's city is the safest Mexican state and it has remained unaffected by the "drug war" that is currently taking place in the rest of the country. However, you should remain aware and follow some security measures such as sticking to tourist areas and avoid being alone at night. Besides from that and other common sense things, you should not have any trouble during your visit over 9 years ago

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    Heading to Chiapas, Mexico later this year, any ideas on how to get a truly local experience?

    I was in Chiapas last summer and you should definitely stay at Na Bolom (, They also organize trips, not turistict but cultural, to Lacandon jungle and that is one of the greatest experiences you'll ever have access to. Also, is you are planning a long trip you should take a look at an Eco-Village near San Cristobal. It is managed by a Mayan and French couple and it is truley amazing, if you are interested let me know. Try also visting a "caracol zapatista" and don't forget San Juan Chamula over 9 years ago

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    What is the cost of seeing lucha libre?

    Hey, here is the link for purchasing the tickets: I have been there tons of times and you don't have to actually pre-buy the tickets, it is a great experience and you should definitely not miss it. I have also found that tickets are actually cheaper if you buy them outside the "Arena México" about 30 minutes before the show begins. Good luck! about 9 years ago